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Patient Health Platform (PHP)

Providing practical tools and features to healthcare providers to make it easier to build and mange their site.

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Welcome to MedApps

PHP – Patient Health Profile Platform!

Your wellbeing & health is now at your finger tips

MedApps PHP sits exactly at the epicentre of Institution and Specialists mobile engagement platform, which complements a perfect TRIAGE service enabling patients at any setting to have secured access to their complete clinical information in order to take timely decisions.

MedApps PHP encapsulates comprehensive features such as:

Easy 4 step login with fingerprint authentication makes a so simple:

  • Official Name
  • Phone Number & Password
  • Email address
  • OTP based user authentication

In this dashboard page, list of all the nearby Diagnostic Labs, Pathology Labs, Speciality Clinics, Hospitals will be displayed for booking quick appointments. The users can also search for the medical institutions, specialists, diagnostic procedures, lab tests, etc. in the global search option to easily book appointments as per their preference.

In the main menu, the user can view / edit their profile. The users can also select the My PHR, My Consultations and Doctors / Specialists pages in this main menu or toggle between the bottom tray icons in the dashboard to select these pages.

After completing the registration process, users now can cruise to the main menu. Users can now search for location based speciality clinics, hospitals, diagnostics centers, pathology labs etc., which enables them to select and schedule quick appointments. Users can also look for global search options “GSO” based search navigations for select medial institutions, select specialists, select diagnostic or lab procedures and schedule appointments per their preference.

MedApps PHP enables all its users to now…….. view / edit their personal profiles, select options for ‘my consultations / doctors / specialists / clinical experts sections from their profile to schedule and confirm treatment procedures, consultations by making secure payments upon which, an alert popping up indicating a notification for confirming treatment pathways.

MedApps Patient Health Profile delivers comprehensive clinical workflow consolidation of patients’ health profiles from a to z

Personal health profile is considered as the sweet spot for all clinically recognized and actionable section. This include patients current as well as past medical conditions which can be constantly updated from time to time, prescriptions, patient summary, comprehensive pathology data, clinical details, special notifications and reports and most importantly diagnostic studies.

MedApps PHP enable users to share their personal treatment summary such as clinical image, diagnostic data’s, reports, specialists opinions, discharge summaries and clinical observations to securely share amongst selected consultants across the globe.

Real time diagnostic studies now can be universally uploaded for specialist’s real time analysis, interpretation and clinical reporting and advice.

This feature is embedded on the IMS framework, which enables various users to upload to any specialists via the PHP. This is possible due to proprietary routing protocols, lossless compression methodologies and proprietary mobile based DICOM viewers to examine hi-fidelity images on the go.

MedApps – PHP – My QR Code Generator

Patients will systematically receive their dedicated QR code via the PHP which securitizes all the clinical summary and records with superior encryption which can be securely shared with their clinical specialists.

Clinical Specialists will now be able to securely “scan My Unique QR Code”, upon acceptance of ‘data sharing consent’ provided by their respective patients. Going forward, the clinical specialists will not be able to access their patient’s records without prior consent and approvals of patients.

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