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Integrated Health Ventures is proud to partner with some of the top notch global brands in the world.

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Our Partners

Techno Brain

Techno Brain’s focus on innovation has let us deliver ground-breaking solutions across verticals. Techno Brain help enterprises adapt to evolving markets and new technological paradigms through our strategic consulting, application and enterprise management solutions, and advanced technologies including Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Analytics.

Knowledge Beam for Information Systems

Founded in 2015 has partnerships with leading local and international partners enabling it to implement and deliver complex business and technology solutions. Knowledge beam provides the latest technologies to assist and enhance knowledge distribution.</p>
<p>Value added distribution channel partner across Middle east for a number of world leading brands in both Healthcare and IT equipment. Well established and proven network of regional distribution partners in GCC market providing pre-sales, sales, distribution and on-site customer support.

Sinapsys SRL

<strong>Sinapsys SRL</strong> was born in 2001 in Soverato; operates in the Information &amp; Communication Technology sector, mainly addressing the Public Administration sector (Healthcare and PA), without neglecting the Private Sector. Sinapsys specializes in consulting, design and implementation of IT projects, concerning the entire technological infrastructure, through a complete offer of resources, experience and technical and commercial know-how.</p>
<p>With 4 offices, the main office in Soverato, the branch offices for the South and Islands in Germaneto and Reggio Calabria and the center and north office in Rome, Sinapsys covers the entire national territory.

Elysium Health Care

Elysium Health Care India is one of the few professionally managed healthcare solution providers in India offering integrated services related to Hospital Planning, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Medical Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures across the healthcare life cycle. Company’s product range can cater to every need of healthcare sector to deliver quality patient care.

Apollo KH Hospital

Apollo KH Hospital started functioning from 14 September 2003. Its campus is spread over an area of 10 acres (4.0 ha) and this hospital was established intending the development of community health.</p>
<p>Apollo KH has following facilities:</p>
<p>24 hours Emergency Care ● 24 hours Diagnostic Services ● Critical Care Units ● Emergency &amp; Trauma Care ●Intensive Care Units ● Master Health Check Up ● Telemedicine


MatrixView focus on very low complexity proprietary patented “ABO” lossless technology based on binary operations. Standard and traditional systems depend on elimination of data to achieve compression. ABO uses a non-traditional way of transforming standard images (JPEG/JPEG2000), videos (MPEG2/4/5/VP9 etc) and other media (MP3 etc). This translates to providing customers with mission critical lossless compression with low power usage/cost with faster encoding, decoding and retrieval of images and media</p>
<p>MatrixView’s PreCode technology is applicable wherever &amp; whenever any Image or Video is Captured, Uploaded, Downloaded, Stored or Backed Up, Stitching, Stored Images. PreCode works alongside existing standard codecs to provide additional savings in storage and bit rate, while keeping the format standard and video’s and images visually lossless.

HC Innovations

We engage in the design of socially innovative systems and services leading to more sustainable   and humane society. Our work focusses on stakeholder driven service innovation across several contexts: from health care, aged-care, education to human resource management and organisational innovation.</p>
<p>We deliver social robot enabled life style centred services to support people affected by social isolation, dementia and autism in various settings. We’ve worked with organisations, clients and individuals to deliver these services in home-based care, residential aged care, hospital and other health care contexts in Australia.</p>
<p>The work is outcome of 8 years of research and field trials undertaken by Research Centre for Computers, Communication and Social Innovation (RECCSI) at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Cloud Services is Australia’s most-recommended provider, because Macquarie is everything others aren’t. Macquarie is hundreds of people with thousands of solutions. And Macquarie is the home of Australia’s dedicated healthcare private cloud solution, LaunchTM Health Cloud.</p>
<p>Data &amp; Cloud Security for Healthcare. No one vendor does it all, and certainly not best of all. We work with the partners and technologies you already know and trust to deliver the secure cloud solutions demanded in the healthcare sector, spanning:</p>
<p>• Physical security • Certifications and compliance • Secure backup &amp; Disaster Recovery design • Anti-Virus • Patching, updates, rights &amp; versioning • Secure connectivity • People, process and policies • Intrusion Detection and Prevention • Micro-segmentation • Firewalling and design

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