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How it began

MedAppDynamics was launched by Integrated Health Ventures

Medappdynamics has built its proprietary framework called “MedApps” & “Medzit” that is well poised to create the largest care coordination network and integrated “Patient Health Platform (PHP)” delivery system across India, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, East Asia & Select countries in Africa. MedApps will connect close to a million health care professionals across 28 states and 8 union territories in India, at virtually all care settings including primary and specialty care providers, emergency departments, inpatient facilities, post-acute care facilities, Home Health Agencies and State Health Agencies.

How we do it?

Seamlessly connecting providers across all care settings

MedApps has created a comprehensive patient data and the right tools within the clinical work flow. Currently, care givers struggle to formulate cohesive treatment plans, leading to disjointed and inefficient care that ultimately impacts the patient experience and health outcomes. And in many cases, effectiveness suffers and costs increase. MedApps just addresses this essential need for actively implementing coordinated care models to fully realize the benefits; they need real time solution framework with insights based on comprehensive data sets to communicate across large network of care givers.

MedApps platform will provide high- integrity clinical information and applications that are both accurate and enhance care offerings. The core of MedApps mission has been to connect providers to seamlessly coordinate and significantly improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of care. The MedApps workflow will connect providers across all care settings so they can work together better to improve clinical episodes and care transitions for millions of patients. MedApps mission is to setup this digital framework to bridge patients with care providers by connecting all critical patient records, information, reports etc. seamlessly via their mobile devices to access their clinical data real time across geographies.

Where are we heading ?

Patient engagement is the key

MedApps has built the perfect digital front door. In the wake of the worst pandemic in the century. Healthcare organizations and clinical experts are finding now more than ever, that engaging patients to retain them in their healthcare environment in which, choice will be a key determining factor in market success. Now, MedApps will address how patients are being treated within their care management – from a process and a technological prospective. How patients are engaging, will be the key to improving the health situation of their patients with chronic illness, treatment planning and how MedApps will help shape local market as well as global markets that it operates.

MedApps Platforms has helped process over 3 million patient studies across India, South East Asia, Europe & 3 countries in Africa.

MedApps provides improved access to care providers for patients accessing better healthcare to improve the health, well-being and quality of life.

MedApps main vision and focus is to be one of the leading “critical patient information, clinical workflow and diagnostic data management” platform providing trusted digital mobility health care for all.


MedApps was founded in India in 2020 by Integrated Health Ventures. MedApps was born from problem felt by so many patients in many parts of the world – a lack of access to health care and most importantly getting the right treatment and cure for various health conditions with better management of clinical information at their fingertips.

The future of health care: Elevating the patient experience with data!

Delivering health care in a post-COVID WORLD

When it comes to patient experience, the stakes are much higher than ever.
As health care providers move past the COVID-19 crisis and look to the future, its clear that many of the changes and advancements may during the pandemic or here to stay, ushering in new ways of conducting business for providers and new expectations for care from healthcare consumers.

Patients are now seeking for updated protocols from health care providers and systems they want seamless technology which is simple in design and to use, deploy and manage better care outcomes.

From large hospital systems to multispecialty practices, the forward thinking healthcare organizations are updating patient engagement, patient experience touch points via new protocols and technologies to uplift patient experience. This shift is significant across various markets which MedApps address.

“Research indicates that more than 84% said that
understanding & enhancing patient experience is
much more important than before the pandemic”

Ultimately, as we enter a new, more patient-centric era of health care, your patients will increasingly expect your medical organization to meet or exceed their expectations. The good news is MedApps is carefully designed to not only improve patient experience but also good for patient outcomes.

“Patients who are involved in decision-making do better”

“At MedApps, we are learning that all of these soft-science tools we have built are incredibly important”

Our Family Of Brands

We are called MedApps in India, Pan Asia, South East Asia and MedZit in Australia and the UK

Founded in 2020

India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East & Africa

MedApps clinical workflow consolidation platform powered by innovative digital tools and applications caters to patients, specialists, diagnostic centers, pathology labs, hospitals and specialty clinics. Our platform is designed for wider accessibility. Our channels include health insurance providers, fin tech partners and allied services across these markets.

Visit the MedApps website

Founded in 2020

Australia & United Kingdom

Medzit clinical workflow consolidation platform – offers digital connectivity to clinical experts, specialists and medical advice referrals. This apart, the platform allows patients to manage a long history of critical clinical information at their fingertips. Medzit seeks to partner with public health bodies like the NHS, and healthcare providers to efficiently manage patient clinical information for better treatment outcomes.

Visit the medzit website

MedApps – North America & Canada

MedApps platform – Innovative, cloud based patient information and critical data including DICOM / NON DICOM studies and medical images upload interface powered by “Universal Uploader”

The platform functions independently without interfering with any existing EMR, EHR or hospital management system. Our platform is best suited for primary health as well as specialty practices.

One step ahead

Fully integrated mobile-based clinical workflow consolidation platform

MedApps platform will provide high- integrity clinical information and applications that are both accurate and enhance care offerings.

MedApps – Clinical Management System (CMS)

Proudly helping healthcare providers to on-board patients instantly on MedApps platform.

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Patient Health Profile – PHP (smart mobility device enabled)

Most comprehensive and fully integrated patient data & clinical workflow consolidation platform.

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Specialists Platform (smart mobility device enabled)

Seamless collaborative framework for clinical experts and specialists with their respective patients for better care provision.

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Patient engagement is the key.

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