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Patient Health Platform (PHP)

Providing practical tools and features to healthcare providers to make it easier to build and mange their site.

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Secure User Login & Registration

These are the secure login and Registration pages of the MedApps – Patient Health Platform. Already registered users can login either by entering their credentials or can login with Fingerprint authentication and securely access all their Personal Health Records (PHR). New users can register easily by entering their official Name, Email address, Phone number and Password.

OTP based User Authentication

New users will be authenticated by MedApps by sending a “One Time Password (OTP)” to the mobile number that the user entered while registering.

Registration Successful – Alert

After the OTP authentication, the users will receive a pop-up notification on the screen, displaying “Successful Registration” message from MedApps.

Location – Access Grant Request & Selection of Address

MedApps offers wide range of location based solutions with the help of geo-fencing. The users will be requested to granting access to MedApps to “turn ON” the location automatically whenever the application is launched. The users can also turn on their location manually and select the preferable location in the maps or enter the location in the “Address” field on top.

Dashboard & Main Menu

In this dashboard page, list of all the nearby Diagnostic Labs, Pathology Labs, Speciality Clinics, Hospitals will be displayed for booking quick appointments. The users can also search for the medical institutions, specialists, diagnostic procedures, lab tests, etc. in the global search option to easily book appointments as per their preference.

In the main menu, the user can view / edit their profile. The users can also select the My PHR, My Consultations and Doctors / Specialists pages in this main menu or toggle between the bottom tray icons in the dashboard to select these pages.

Appointment Booking & Successful Transaction

In the appointment booking page, the users can select the appointment date, diagnostic / clinical procedure with price (as uploaded by medical institutions) and can also attach clinical documents for booking the appointment. Once the necessary fields are selected, the users can click the “Book Now” option and will be redirected to the secure payment page. After successful payment transaction, the users will be alerted with a pop-up notification.

Personal Health Records & My Treatment Summary

In the “Personal Health Record” page, the users will be able to view all their health summary details such as Prescription, Patient Summary, Diagnostic Images, Diagnostic Reports, Lab Tests, Lab Reports and other clinical details. The users can also search for any record with the “Search My Personal Health Records” option on top.

“My Treatment Summary” page displays all the details about the ‘selected consultation’, which includes Clinical Image, Diagnostic Image, Diagnostic Report, Specialist Opinion, Prescription, etc. The users can also share their health records with their general physicians / specialists and others through the sharing option provided in the “My Treatment Summary” page.

Clinical Image & Diagnostic Image (DICOM)

The users can click the ‘Clinical Image’ logo to view all forms of clinical images as uploaded by the medical institution admin for the particular appointment ID. The users can also click the ‘Diagnostic Image’ logo to view the series of diagnostic scan image without any compression or loss of quality with the help of DICOM viewer provided only by MedApps.

My Unique QR Code

The users will receive their own unique QR code that holds all their clinical records with full encryption. The users can share this with their Specialists after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions to provide their consent to their ‘Booked Consultant’ for securely scanning the “My Unique QR Code” to view all their clinical records for one-time. The ‘Booked consultant’ cannot be able to access their records once the consultation is completed.

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