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Proudly providing a wide range of technology solutions to our clients.

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Value based care

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We provide multiple solutions to our clients depending on their needs.

A New Era in PHP

Now bringing Patient Health Platform (PHP) on your mobile devices.

Connectivity Is The Key

Making it available across the globe.

Value Based Care

Better health outcomes, improved patient experience, and lower cost of care.

CMIE is a Comprehensive & Integrated Healthcare Delivery Platform conforming to best clinical and administrative practices. CMIE covers the complete spectrum of patient care and the fully integrated Enterprise class solution is designed to suit the needs of all kinds of healthcare providers like hospitals, specialty clinics, daycare centres, diagnostics, etc. This helps in creating and transforming healthcare organizations go totally digital, that can run profitably with ease of use and the highest levels of security.

Highly customized, data & workflow…

CMIE’s technology platform & framework allows its users to customize their workflow requirements. There are various flexible & operational efficiencies for the users such as, for instance, multiple groups can be created with various credentials & access controls and again its users can be assigned to one or more groups.

Users can also:

  • Integrate data from any device
  • Customize the worklist or even design your own workflow
  • Use from thousands of reporting templates or design your own
  • Securely access data from any device with internet connection. Bringing the data to your screen, passing through firewalls, NAT, all these jargons are our problem.


Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural concept designed around loosely-coupled, interacting software components. Think of SOA as a toy building constructed of Lego® blocks. Any of the building’s parts can be reconfigured to create new features – without replacing the rest of the structure – because it is built of small blocks that are easily interconnected.

Key Benefits of CMIE’s SOA Solutions

Because of SOA, our technology platform is data-source agnostic. This means that we can integrate with your existing technology investment and with any future IT solutions you adopt.

The SOA framework and associated Web-services facilitate scalable, incremental growth and are capable of quickly deploying new services by reusing existing services.

Our SOA-based solutions are characterized by quick delivery and the ability to grow at the pace the market has set – particularly as delivery dates have been accelerated by meaningful use targets.

SOA enables us to develop and deploy new, innovative applications rapidly.

Since our SOA platform runs in the cloud, no major investment in hardware or software is required of participating facilities. Any user only needs to access the Internet to use our solutions.

Because of SOA, we can open our platform to bring partners / high-end device and modality manufacturers and other vendors on board to deliver the robust and varied solutions required by your organization.

CMIE’s scalable and adaptable SOA architecture ensures that healthcare organizations have the technology they need to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care within and across care delivery sites and communities today and into the future.

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