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Better care & Better outcomes for more people, across the globe…

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CMIE as Emerging Healthcare Platform

CMIE is a Comprehensive & Integrated Healthcare Delivery Platform conforming to best clinical and administrative practices. CMIE covers the complete spectrum of patient care and the fully integrated Enterprise class solution is designed to suit the needs of all kinds of healthcare providers like hospitals, specialty clinics, daycare centres, diagnostics, etc. This helps in creating and transforming healthcare organizations go totally digital, that can run profitably with ease of use and the highest levels of security.

Highly customized, data & workflow…

CMIE’s technology platform & framework allows its users to customize their workflow requirements. There are various flexible & operational efficiencies for the users such as, for instance, multiple groups can be created with various credentials & access controls and again its users can be assigned to one or more groups.

Users can also:

  • Integrate data from any device
  • Customize the worklist or even design your own workflow
  • Use from thousands of reporting templates or design your own
  • Securely access data from any device with internet connection. Bringing the data to your screen, passing through firewalls, NAT, all these jargons are our problem.

CMIE Platform

CMIE Platform, connect uses a proprietary novel “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)”, eliminating the fragmentation of critical patient & clinical information to improve care management and treatment outcomes. For physician groups, clinics, home health agencies, hospitals, medical equipment providers – as well as diagnostics centers providing multiple services – CMIE connect is able to meet the most demanding data transmission requirements, through proprietary compression and AI based routing concepts on most compliant cloud networks globally. With CMIE connect; health organizations get secure DICOM certified archival and transmission framework that enables archival of highly sensitive medical images .CMIE Connect zips across health information network ranges from within health organization to multiple settings across various geographies for seamless operations including reporting, second opinions, storing, retrieving and transmitting data in real time.

Increase Values

With CMIE connect

Today, progressive imaging departments manage images from myriad modalities – simplifying the viewing of and centralizing image management across complex health systems to broaden enterprise access and help exams get reimbursed. Well known medical centers from many countries are using CMIE platform to optimize imaging across the enterprise. Take a closer look at how they are doing it and why it might be the way to go for you, too.

‘Comprehensive Medical Information Exchange’ enables improved patient care, contains costs and rapidly moves healthcare organizations towards a centrally archived, highly secure, cloud based environment.

Better care & Better outcomes for more people, across the globe…

“We know you are striving for it as much as we are.”

CMI Exchange as a cloud based & enterprise wide imaging platform.

Choose the best solution for you Organization.

CMIE Connect uses a proprietary novel “Service oriented Architecture (SOA)”, elimination the fragmentation of healthcare information management. For physician groups, clinics, home health agencies, hospital, medical equipment providers – as well as diagnostics centers providing multiple services – CMIE connect is able to meet the most demanding data transmission requirements, through unique compression and routing concepts on a cloud based server.

With CMIE connect; health organizations get secure DICOM certified archival and transmission solution that enable archival of highly sensitive medical images .CMIE Connect zips across health information network ranges from within health organization to across multiple institutions, storing, retrieving and transmitting data in real time.

  • A while ago, the medical center’s radiology department needed to expand their image archiving capabilities across more medical specialties. Physicians from around the healthcare enterprise were asking for help and seeking a strategy to more effectively archive and access medical images. With a cross section of specialties such as cardiology, dentistry, primary care and even the emergency department asking for help, radiology IT went in search of a way to centralize imaging across an expanding enterprise. They needed to get rid of external hard drives and printing hardcopy images, and gain access to images, reports and documents, as well as unstructured data. Physicians needed to access PACS images via the web.
  • Also essential was a way to view and store imaging exams that weren’t scheduled and took place outside an imaging department. Needs were not being met for the busy emergency department as well as portable ultrasound, and dental imaging, including X-ray and CT. Consolidating multimodality, multivendor images was the plan. Together, these challenges became the drivers of change

  • A vendor neutral archive became their preferred solution. The medical centers made CMIE platform as a vendor of choice. The multi-ology, multi-site clinical content repository they mdeployed enables archiving and managing of unstructured medical content including images, reports and documents, via DICOM and HL7. The CMIE’s vendor neutral archive connects multi-ology imaging studies with medical record numbers—a complex task across any health system, made simple by the archive.
  • An intelligent, standards-based approach with a longitudinal view helps to differentiate great storage options today. CMIE platform with it’s rich archive solution adds an intelligent layer as it creates a longitudinal view of patient data from different vendor systems. We needed a way to view images from imaging device [connected to the internet] and link them to the network. We started with a simple, pretty basic implementation and have built on it. We will continue to expand our platform over time.

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Prominent Radiologist

CMIE platform

  • Centralize multimodality, multivendor images and reports, documents and unstructured data across  specialties and departments Eliminate external hard drives and printing hardcopy images
  • Access PACS images via the web
  • View and store unscheduled imaging exams taking place outside an imaging department
  • Single, multi-site clinical content repository for all images and data to optimize viewing, management and archiving of images
  • Vendor-neutral archive connects multi-ology imaging studies with medical record numbers
  •  Intelligent, standards-based with a longitudinal view of patient data
  • Web-based access to medical images throughout the enterprise
  • Storage consolidation savings
  • Fast access, enabling informed decisions for enhanced patient care
  • Match studies and patients – the right doctor can access the right studies on the right patient

Enterprise Image Management


Data Optimiser (DO)

Data Optimiser (DO) is an enterprise grade DICOM Gateway software designed specifically to manage optimal and secure transmission of clinical images between any sources, and any destinations, across any networks and the internet. A DO gateway installed on your network, can receive from multiple sources, read image tags, decide where to send the images, and send compressed and encrypted to any other source, anywhere. For the user, DO automatically routes images across network boundaries as a back office service. In reality, DO can appear in different DICOM sources as they would expect, despite their proprietary nature and linguistic incompatibility. It can execute a sophisticated library of custom rules to determine what to do with incoming DICOM, where to send them and what system to emulate when doing so. DO has unique DICOM manipulation features. It is built on the latest technologies to achieve better performance with smarter system resource management, and is compliant with the latest Windows operating systems.

  • Automated image routing with Lossless image Compression and unlimited node connectivity
  • Ensures secure communication with SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Advanced Image Routing Mechanism to route images to multiple destinations based on flexible criteria.
  • Supports Firewall friendly-HTTP forwarding
  • Integrate with third party dicom pacs, modality and workstation
  • Ensure Bandwidth savings and Faster Turnaround times
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing PACS network
  • Benefit from a Simple and Scalable Platform Architecture
  • Achieve ROI from current IT infrastructure
  • Fully compliant with the regulations of DICOM and HIPPA

Universal Uploader (UU)

Universal Uploader (UU) is a powerful secure push agent for uploading any clinical & patient data. The ability to send all information in one single upload helps to assess the case with all the relevant information and thus report precisely. The system provides a single point for the specialists across multi-level departments to communicate and collaborate with each other over a secured framework creating an electronic community for the exchange of patient health information. UU can be installed in less than 10 minutes with zero configuration. Once installed you will be ready to upload patient health data to CMIE.

Radiology (CT, CR, MR, MG, US, DR, XA, XC etc)

Cardiology (Echo, ECG, Heart Sounds)

Nuclear MedicineM





Pattent Photographs

Clinical History

Discharge Summary

Scanned reports

HL7 reports from HIS and PACS

CMIE’s AI powered Image Optimization Engine, transforms your current frame work into a whole new Digital Asset Management Strategy.

  • AI powered Image optimization engines are built with Image Recognition Codecs, which identifies each pixel of the image and carefully prepares to push to network accelerator protocols which are cleverly structured into CMIE’s gateway services.
  • The whole new features comprises of:

o   Progressive Image Transmission Engine which recognizes and ensures the data integrity.
o   The whole transmission service provides inbuilt security and encryption layer (AES 256 bit encryption)
o   This significantly reduces multi dependent hardware and any complexity, for example using low power, costs, there by faster throughput speed of encoding, decoding and retrieval of large data sets
o   This represents usage of image data in a non-conventional way of data transformation unlike JPEG, JPEG2000 and other traditional formats.

Dynamic Viewers

CMIExchange is incorporated with 3 viewers to address every need of reporting doctors and consultants

Platform Steps

  1. Download images as a patient Study or individual series using drop down menu.
  2. Multiple patient study download with Image Quality Selector for better bandwidth optimization and time savings.
  3. Supports single or multi-frame 8/10/12/16 bit grayscale, 8/24 bit RGB (true color) images.
  4. Scott Lines and Slice positioning indicator.
  5. Automatic / manual forwarding of studies to 3rd party viewers or workstation.
  6. Dual Monitor support for comparison with support for medical monitors.
  7. Export patient images to BMP, JPEG, DCM or TIFF file formats. Option to anonymize images.
  8. Thumbnail view for faster diagnosing.
  9. Post image processing tools like Hounsfield, magnifier, image invert, Vertical flip, Horizontal flip, Contrast, Image Reset, Annotation tools etc.
  10. Cine – loop play of all single frames in the particular series with adjustable frame count selector, different sizes, forward / reverse / bounce mode, etc.
  11. Multiple layout options for images /studies /series selection.
  12. Store annotations / graphics back to server for later review or referrals
  13. Concurrent viewers from a single server (3 users, 5, 10…)
  14. CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray writing
  15. DICOM print / Windows print
  16. Option to push patient studies back to workstation for better diagnosing or post processing.


  1. Multiple reporting options as web reporting and report uploads with extensive options to add addendum, lock report, lock addendum and validate reports.
  2. Report upload, download and comparison. Design own report templates.
  3. Options to upload multiple reports as PDF, DOC, EXCEL, TXT, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, etc.
  4. Digital Signature and document encryption.
  5. SMS Alerts / Email Notification on every uploaded patient study and reports. (optional add-on)
  6. Extensive Billing module for patient study uploads and reporting with support for all currencies, statements and invoices. (optional Add-on)