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Clinical Management System

Proudly helping healthcare providers to on-board patients instantly on MedApps platform.

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Healthcare Providers can now on-board patients instantly on MedApps Platform

MedApps CMS Platform overview

MedAppDynamics has built a proprietary framework, which is known as Clinical management System (CMS). CMS is a cloud based comprehensive Bi-directional workflow management platform designed to easily manage patient registration and onboarding, seamlessly capture all critical patient information, optimise based on treatment plan and outcome, and securely route each patient information, summary, and every record or data like pathology reports, Diagnostic studies , Images that are generated at the hospital / Diagnostic Centre / Scan centre irrespective of any data size to the desired stakeholders. All the clinical record generated in the medical institution is securely consolidated & shared to the patient with adhering to HIPPA compliance and data security to the patient’s smart devices. CMS provides a intutive clinical framework for the caregivers and clinical experts to continuously monitor the patients and to address and track their well-being.

A peek into MedApps CMS Module

Secure Login

MedApps – CMS platform is integrated with  Patient Health Platform (PHP).  CMS is  embedded with  a security and authentication layer to allow administrators at various medical institutions  to securely log in and register. This is  to ensure high-end encryption, while Health care providers, both large and small , Specialty clinics, Primary care centers , Diagnostic / Pathology labs sign-in to the platform.


This statistical dashboard displays all the essential information required by the Hospitals/ Speciality clinics / Diagnostic labs / Pathology labs in the form of chart and graph varieties. The admin can easily manage / enable and  view the counts of patients, appointments, clinical / diagnostic scan reports (Patient PHR), etc.

Appointments Module

The APPOINTMENT module enables the institution  administrator   to schedule/ add / view / edit / delete the list of patient  appointments. The admin can  easily add new appointments for walk-in patients by clicking the “Add Appointment” option.

Edit Appointments with OTP based secure confirmation

The status of each appointment is confirmed with secure OTP which will be shared by the patient after the visitation is over. The admin can change the appointment status from “Pending” to “Treated”.

Diagnostic Scans & Upload Diagnostic Reports

In this Module, the ‘Diagnostic Scan Reports’ of patients can be uploaded by the admin, so that the patients can view these “Diagnostic Scan Images & Reports” in their mobile through the MedApps patient platform.

Uploaded Diagnostic Studies  Report Module

This is the uploaded view of the Diagnostic Scan Report. The admin can also “print” this report and provide it to the patient, if asked for hard copy of the Report. The admin can also edit and amend   if anything additional needs to be included  along with the  ‘Diagnostic Study Report’.

Omni Channel Prescription Module

Patients can be prescribed with their medication by the consultant physicians  and which can  also be advised and adjusted  by the respective  Specialists. The prescription can be viewed / edited / printed / deleted or most importantly shared to MedApps preferred online e pharma provider, who will enable quick processing and door step delivery of prescribed medications.

Viewing  of patient’s uploaded Prescription

This is the view of an uploaded prescription, which can be downloaded / printed. Further prescription can also be suggested using the “Add Prescription” option.

Add Prescription to Patients

Patients can be prescribed by the Specialist through this ‘Add Prescription’ page. It displays following fields to be filled: History, Note, Medicine (Name, Dosage, Frequency, Days and Instructions) and Advise.

Patients Module

Patient module  displays the list of all patients – MedApps registered  patients as well as  walk-in patients. The admin can edit, view (Info, History, Payment) and efficiently manage the list of patients.

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