We invest in health care innovation

We are a technology and innovation team that works to improve people’s health.

We collaborate with highly motivated innovators in the medical technology industry, private and public health care institutions, and academia to turn innovative ideas into patient-benefiting platforms & services.

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The way we work as a company

Welcome to Integrated Health Ventures!

We are a global digital health platform company headquartered in Singapore with operating businesses spanning across India, United Kingdom, Europe and Africa. Our network operations command center is based out of India. After years of research and collaboration with well-established clinical specialists & groups, we have extensive resources to identify and support your next steps.

Our services are always bespoke. We are proud to work with our partner organizations, including private and public healthcare providers, health innovation networks, fintech partners & omnichannel service providers.


Driving the next digital wave

Navigating the forefront of the digital era requires harnessing the transformative power of health and economic evaluations. Our strategy revolves around enabling seamless global market access through a meticulous fusion of these evaluations. By prioritizing impact and adoption, we unlock unparalleled value propositions.

Health evaluations serve as the bedrock, ensuring products and services meet rigorous standards, fostering trust and compliance. Simultaneously, economic assessments provide a roadmap for sustainable growth, aligning business strategies with financial success. This tandem approach not only mitigates risks but propels businesses into the vanguard of the digital revolution.

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Bridging Health Care, Industry & Markets

At Integrated Health Ventures we believe in overall improvement within the health eco system through technology and innovation. To be in the leadership position, we have created, collaborated & partner with number of organizations across health care providers and technology sectors.

Together with our partners, we can help you as an enterprise to access market insights, knowledge and evidence needed to be successful through various complexities.


Here’s why healthcare organizations typically take into account when selecting IHV’s operating hybrid cloud services:

Integrated Health Ventures provide hybrid cloud services based on several factors that align with their customers or care providers specific needs, regulatory requirements, and business case and objectives.

Our collaborations & users

Integrated Health Ventures & its partners work with a range of organizations to identify and develop innovations in digital health & encourage uptake to promote better patient outcomes.