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A New Era in Patient Clinical Workflow Consolidation Platform

IHV’s digital technology plays a key role in a more efficient and effective delivery of care.

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Who We Are

Welcome to Integrated Health Ventures. We are a global digital health platform company headquartered in Singapore with operations spanning across India, United Kingdom, Europe and Africa. Our network operations command center is based out of Singapore and India. After years of extensive research and collaboration with established clinical specialists Integrated Health Ventures has developed & Designed CMIE Platform which is hosted on the cloud network with underlying-“SOA” service oriented architecture.

Integrated Health Ventures holds the reputation of being trendsetter and a market leader in tele enabling as well as digital health care. Our fundamentals are based on our strength, experience and foresight which aspires to expand the possibilities of quality health care service.

Integrated Health Ventures core belief is that remote clinical centers, hospitals, diagnostics centers, hi-end diagnostics centers will continue to be the key stakeholders of the modern healthcare delivery network. Integrated Health Ventures is therefore committed to offering competent real-time and economic technology solutions that will continue to evolve and change of face of healthcare for millions around the world.

One step ahead

How We Work

Logistics and widening of multiple delivery locations have given us a competitive edge and have served as the base of services. Aggressive recruitment of top notch reporting specialists and constant development of provider networks has helped us in establishing “Company Administered” facilities have further enabled us to deliver quality services across the globe.

As we rationally grow in our core business, Integrated Health Ventures strongly believes in retaining the mission of multispecialty clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers that it caters to and the communities it serves.

Looking ahead, Integrated Health Ventures will continue to emphasize innovations in its response to rapid changes in regulatory trends and market conditions while fulfilling its commitment to customers, patients, reporting specialists, employees, communities and shareholders.

The IHV Promise


Dedicated to provide timely and efficient services to all our stakeholders

Service Excellence

Dedicated to providing timely and efficient services to all our stakeholders

Measurable Improvement

Identifying and meeting key needs such as Improving service quality, perpetual progress monitoring and tracking

Ethical and Fair Treatment for All

Committed to highest levels of ethical and fair practices with customers, partners, providers & stakeholders

Employee Development

Hiring talented and self-driven people

Increasing competence through training and development programs

Providing opportunities for growth within IHV and its associate groups


Working together with a consumer-centric approach; superseding the practices of traditional organizations

Creating an inclusive decision making environment thereby enabling increased employee participation in process improvement


Ever committed to improving the quality of life of our consumers

Providing respectful and dignified treatment for patients and clinical care experts

IHV is proud to provide a wide range of solutions to fit your needs.

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